One bridge closes and another opens on Johnson Street

Out with the old, and in with the new…finally.

In December 2007 the City of Victoria announced it would be replacing the old Blue Bridge on Johnson Street. After more than 10 years, the bridge opened on March 31, and was celebrated with a picnic and performances.

One group who was asked to be there was from New Westminster. Gordon Hobbis, owner of Cap’s Bicycle Shop brought over five Penny Farthing bicycles from Vancouver.

“To celebrate the opening of this new bridge, and bring out a bike from the 1880’s that can ride over this bridge, put some old with the new,” Hobbis said. “This is a beautiful bridge to ride on. If you can ride a bike on this, it’s fun.”

Joyce Van de Vegt brought her daughter to the celebration to draw the new bridge, sitting on the old bridge. According to Van de Vegt, when they’d first heard in 2012 the bridge would be replaced her daughter was sad, and they wanted to draw it to remember it.

“I think it was obviously necessary from an engineering point of view. It looks beautiful, I have to say, I think the design is gorgeous,” Van de Vegt said. “We have a great fondness for the style of the old bridge, but the new pedestrian walkway should be great, and the safety for cyclists and pedestrians should be improved, so I think we’ll enjoy that.”

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