One person suffered minor injuries in Sunday morning collision

Saanich PD

First responders were called to Shelbourne and North Dairy Sunday morning for a car crash.

Just after 8 am, a silver Mercedes-Benz SUV and a Victoria Taxi collided in the intersection.

Constable Graham Walker with Saanich PD says the drivers were the only ones in the vehicles at the time of the crash, which were badly wrecked from the crash.

"The front ends of both cars were both significantly damaged, but luckily only one driver suffered injuries, which are apparently minor.  The paramedic had a good prognosis for him, but took him to hospital just to be safe."

The taxi was stopped in the middle of the intersection, but the SUV was partly on the sidewalk when officers arrived on the scene.  It had jumped the curb, and hit a stop sign and sewer pole.

Walker says one of the cars, but did not specify which in case they fight the ticket in court, ran the red light, and that seems to be the cause of the crash.

"There was no impairment or evidence of driver distraction as the cause, and our investigation shows that they were going close to the speed limit, so speed wasn't a factor.  I think if they were going much faster, the outcome would have been much worse.

The collision happened at the boundary of Victoria and Saanich, so fires crews from both districts responded, along with BC Ambulances.

Debris was strewn across the intersection, but fire crews, after making sure the cars wouldn't catch fire, cleaned up the scene of debris and fluids.  The roads were opened up for traffic by 9 am, as tow trucks removed the vehicles from the scene.

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