One year memorial for Cnst. Sarah Beckett

Members of the public joined RCMP at the West Shore detachment today to remember one of their own. Cnst Sarah Beckett was killed 1 year ago today when her police cruiser was broadsided by a truck in a Langford intersection.

The 32-year old mother of 2 young children had served in the force for 11 years, and had recently returned from maternity leave.

Today's service was held outside the detachment, with several hundred people on hand to honour her memory.  

One of them was former colleague Cnst. Jonathan McKinney:

" It's a flood of emotions from the moment I work up. I told friends inside I was awake at  3:30, right around the time of Sarah's passing, for about an hour. I couldn't fall back asleep"

McKinney says he's trying to get through  the day by remembering the good things about the well-liked officer:

"Focusing on some of those happy memories of Sarah, and her smile and her attitude and presence in the office is something nobody can forget who works here." 

McKinney says community has shown great support for Beckett, her family, fellow officers and the work police do in general -- and that has meant a lot.

Meantime, Kenneth Fenton, charged with impaired driving causing death, flight from police and dangerous driving causing death, is scheduled to be in court tomorrow (Thursday).


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