Otters attack dog off Clover Point

A Victoria dog owner is warning of aggressive otters attacking her dog.

Anne Tanner posted the story to Facebook, saying she took her 2 large dogs for a swim off  Clover Point Tuesday night when she heard someone scream, and looked out to see 
what she describes as " two giant Sea Otters" attacking her Sheperd-Lab Cross "MJ" about 25 ft off shore.

She says she watched as one creature propelled itself 4 feet out of the water to pounce on her pet, while another went down and tried to drag the yelping dog underwater.  

A couple that was closer to the attack than she was began yelling and throwing driftwood. The dog was able to get free and swim back to shore, shaking and limping badly.

She estimates the otters were about 6 feet long, and warns others who take pets or children to the beach to beware, and keep dogs on a leash. 

It's the second such attack this year.  A Golden Retriever was attacked and nearly drowned while swimming long Dallas Rd. in February. 

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