Our Place Executive Director disappointed at lack of options for Regina Park campers

With residents of Regina Park tent city being forced out Our Place is desperately looking for a place to create more shelter space.

Executive Director Don Evans notes former campers at the courthouse tent city were given shelter options, but that didn't happen this time.

Evans acknowledges tent cities aren't the solution, but says it's better than nothing while solutions are pursued:

" I'm not saying that the tent city is the answer, it's not.  It's just that you know what we're doing is we're now putting them back in a worse position, we're not making it better for them. And that's really as a community what we should be looking to do."

Evans says municipalities need to do more to identify land for modular housing:

" I mean we had 2-thousand units announced by the Province for modular housing.  And Victoria got a very small number, I think they got 21 units of the 2-thousand.  You know, we should have on a percentage basis got about 200 units. And it's because there was no identified land made available by any of the municipalities."

Evans fears the campers will be more vulnerable without their created community, as there is safety in numbers and they look out for one another. And he says, winter is coming.

Evans hopes more shelter space can be identified sometime within the next 2 weeks.

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