Partial victory for suspended police chief at BC Supreme Court

Suspended Victoria Police Chief Frank Elsner has won a partial victory at BC Supreme Court in his bid have an investigation into his conduct thrown out.

But, what does it actually mean for his case?

The bottom line from today's BC Supreme Court ruling is that Victoria's suspended police chief is still in hot water in a number of ways. But, he has won on a couple points.

Chief Justice Hinckson threw out two components of the Office of the Police Complaint Commission investigation into Elsner -- he tossed the investigation into whether Elsner committed discreditable conduct by exchanging Twitter messages with the wife of an officer under his command. The court also threw out the investigation into whether those Twitter messages were sent using the police department's electronic devices while on duty.

However, those are the only parts thrown out. Other investigations by the OPCC were upheld in the BC Supreme Court ruling -- such as the investigation into whether Elsner provided misleading information to investigators and whether he contacted potential witnesses.

To make matters more complicated, this is only one part of the bigger Elsner situation. It does not change the fact that he's facing a disciplinary hearing on allegations of workplace harassment that were not connected to today's ruling.

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