Pledging allegiance to the Queen is a dying tradition at Victoria City Hall

When Victoria's council was sworn in yesterday a majority of the members snubbed the Queen -- foregoing the pledge of allegiance to her Majesty.

Only 2 councillors followed tradition -- Geoff Young and Charlayne Thornton-Joe.  Young says he has respect for tradition, and notes it's done at both the provincial and federal levels.

Thornton-Joe says she comes from a family of immigrants who came to Canada seeking a better life, and the Queen represents what Canada is all about.

The City of Victoria has included the pledge for councillors in the past because the city is named in honour of Queen Victoria  -- but over the past 2 elections that's been changing.

Following the 2014 election Mayor Lisa Helps a 3 councillors -- Marianne Alto, Ben Isitt and Jeremy Loveday -- did not pledge allegiance.

The Federal Court has described giving allegiance to the sovereign as "a solemn intention to adhere to the symbolic keystone of the Canadian Constitution, thus pledging an acceptance of the whole of our Constitution and national life" --  but adds  it can be argued that it " strikes at the very heart of democracy to curtail collective opposition and incentive for change by demanding loyalty to a particular political theory."

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