Police board Co-Chair expresses frustration with Elsner investigation length


The Mayor of Victoria and Police Board Co-Chair says the investigation into suspended police Chief Frank Elsner has gone on "far too long."

Speaking on CFAX 1070, Lisa Helps says she is as frustrated with the 15-month long investigation as tax payers are. “We have had no control of the situation in terms of the 15 months the investigation has taken. Now arguably they need that that time to do the investigation; we have been in the dark as anyone else about the findings until yesterday.”

A Police Board Meeting is scheduled for Monday where Helps says they will go over new information to discuss a course of action on Elsner.

A motion to stop paying the chief could be made says Helps. She warned it’s not a fast or easy process with the Police Act in play.

On Thursday, The Office of the Police Complaints Commissioner announced there is enough information to proceed to a disciplinary hearing in the case.

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