Police Have Arrested A Suspect In Connection To The Halloween Night Fires

A suspect has been arrested for setting fires in Victoria and Saanich on Halloween night.

A 31 year old woman with no fixed address, who is known to police, has been apprehended and charged with two counts of arson.  She faces one count of arson in relation to inhabited property, and one count of arson damaging property.

Detective Seargent Damian Kowalewich with the Saanich Police Department says Saanich Police, in concert with Victoria Police, arrested the suspect on Friday, November 2nd.

He says she is facing two counts or arson, but may be linked to other fires.  "There are several fires that occurred on Halloween night in Greater Victoria, specifically in Saanich and Victoria. Right now we are feeling that there is a connection with the fires.  A lot of similarities occurred between the fires.  We're working very hard with our partner agencies, including the Victoria Police, Saanich Fire department, and Victoria Fire department, to gather as much evidence as possible, speaking with witnesses, and doing everything we can to gather as much information to move forward on those investigations as well."

Kowalewich adds that they are pleased to have made an arrest in connection to the arsons. "Obviously these are very concerning incidents that happened in the community. Makes people feel uneasy, and fires purposefully set  are very unpredictable and can cause a lot of damage and a lot of potential harm and injury to people.  We're happy we have made headway on the series of arsons here."

He says the suspect remained in custody over the weekend, and is not free to leave the detention facility until she can go in front of the judge.  Her court date is set for Monday, November 5th.

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