Police officers camp out on scaffolding above Uptown Shopping Center

Police will be hanging out high above the crowds at Uptown Shopping Center this weekend.

A campaign called "Free the Fuzz" will be held to raise money for Special Olympics.

This is the third year for the campaign, and Cpl. Pat Bryant will be one of the officers perched atop some scaffolding for 48 hours.  He tells us why Special Olympics is such an important cause.

"We're supporting the athletes that train hard every day and that's near and dear to our hearts.  These incredible athletes put in the time to compete at different levels in different sports.  So, it’s the commitment that they have that we'd like to give back to them."

Cpl. Bryant says they will be able to take bathroom breaks, and food will be passed up to them. 

There will also be entertainment and a police and fire fighter dunk tank featured this weekend.


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