Poppie the dog found after harrowing stay on Flower Island

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A small dog that swam to an island off Gyro Beach, and was separated from her family for almost 4 days, was safely rescued last week.

On Monday, June 17, Poppie, a 5 pound Yorkshire terrier, was spooked by a bigger dog at Gyro Beach park, and took off running.

Reuniting Owners with Animals Missing, or ROAM, were notified, and volunteers started combing the area looking for the dog.  They put up signs and canvassed the neighbourhood, but there was no sign of the dog.

On Tuesday, a couple living on Seaview Road spotted the little dog on Flower Island. They called ROAM, who got in touch with Poppie's owner Dianne, and together went across to the island.

Terry Mah, and administrator with ROAM, says there were signs of the terrier, and was spotted from shore using binoculars.   Over the next two days, volunteers went back and forth to the island, but despite setting out traps and cameras, cooking bacon, and Dianne calling and singing, Poppie never came out of hiding.

Mah says they were concerned for the small dog, because predators like otters, minks, and eagles live on the island.  They were also concerned about the tide and currents, which could have swept the little dog out to see.

Then around noon on Thursday, ROAM got a call saying the dog was back on dry land.

Terry and his wife Barb, other ROAM volunteers, and Dianne and her family all gathered back on shore.  Dianne waited at the car, where Poppie was most expected to return to, while the others canvassed the neighbourhood.

"Barb, with eagle-eyes, noticed a doorway that she really loved the layout of the house.  And noticed Poppie laying at the doorway."

Barb got out of the car and slowly approached Poppie, and managed to get her on a leash.  Mah says they usually wouldn't grab a dog themselves, but Poppie was tired and didn't react to Barb.  Poppie was returned to Dianne, who took her to a veterinarian.

Mah says the dog had lost a full pound, down from 5 to 4 lbs, but was otherwise healthy, and is now back safe and sound at home.

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