Portion of Malahat shutdown by yet another accident Tuesday not part of planned upgrades

Another accident, and shutdown of the Malahat Tuesday has many drivers calling for median barriers to be added as soon as possible as a prevention and safety measure.

Two people suffered non-life threatening injuries in a 2-vehicle collision south of Bamberton near the Split Rock Lookout. 

While improvements are planned along the Malahat, that section is not in the plans.

But Transportation Minister Todd Stone says millions in improvements ARE planned for the Malahat: 

"We've made, I think, very clear to folks,  that we're going forward with another $34-million of upgrades that's going to 4-lane a number of kilometres, as well as install another 3 kilometres more of median barrier. And by the time we get that done over 50% of  the Malahat corridor will have the median barrier down. So it will leave a little bit more to do, but there's no question we have to continue to invest in the corridor. "

The Transportation ministry has said the section that was closed yesterday will be part of future upgrades.  

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