Pot Course begins at Camosun College

Here's a new one under 'Continuing Education'.

A Cannabis Industry Training course starts today at Camosun College in Saanich.

The 6-week course is sold out. Twenty-eight people paid $850 dollars a piece to learn the ABC's of marijuana production.

Students will learn the requirements to produce cannabis for a licensed producer under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations.

Topics covered include propagation, appropriate use of resources, crop management, and troubleshooting.

Instructor Travis Lane, the founding director of the BC Independent Cannabis Association.

He's been cultivating his green thumb for over 20 years, and admits this is still somewhat surreal for him.

"If you told me, even a year ago, that there would be a cannabis course fired up at Camosun - I would be shocked. For the most part the reaction has been tremendously positive, and I think it's really important moving forward. Prohibition has limited the amount of knowledge and the access to information for many professionals. Now we have the opportunity to educate people on how to do this properly.

Due to popularity, Camosun College has added a second cannabis course in July.

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