Premier weighs in on Sooke Rd property owners' concerns

Representatives of the North Sooke Community Association are looking for support from their local politicians as planning is underway to realign Sooke Rd/Hwy 14.

About 27 residents were recently notified they may be required to sell portions of their properties to allow the Ministry of Transportation to straighten out troublesome curves and make the road safer.

But residents complain they weren't consulted in advance. And Sooke Councillors mirror that, with many saying they haven't seen a plan yet -- just proposals.

Asked about the uproar, the area MLA -- Premier John Horgan -- says he sympathizes with constituents, but there have been public meetings and open houses on the matter, and will continue to be.

He says the community has called for the road to be fixed, and some hard decisions will need to be made:

"With respect to Sooke Council, they have every right to come to public meetings when they are called by the Minister of Transportation. This goes back to a desire, and overwhelming desire, as I know full well,  to fix the road.  And we can either fix the road, or say well I guess we can't proceed now because these 27 properties don't want to do it."

Sooke council has passed a motion directing Mayor Maja Tait to meet with Horgan to advocate for what the community does and does not want to see.

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