Proposal to move Esquimalt Road bike lanes to Lyall Street

Esquimalt might punt bike lanes off Esquimalt Road and move them to Lyall Street.

The proposal is part of a bigger picture overhaul of Esquimalt Road being considered by council. Mayor Barb Desjardins says they need to do something to improve the route. "We have heard loud and clear from the community that Esquimalt Road needs to have some sense of connectivity. It is our main thoroughfare."

The Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition is sounding the alarm and they're asking members to show up to an open house on the proposal Wednesday from 4 to 7pm.

Mayor Barb Desjardins welcomes the feedback, "this is not a new concept. It has come to council in the past and it has always brought concerns from the cycling community. But, it is there for people to come forward and provide their input."

Among the reasons given for removing the Esquimalt Road bike lanes is to give more space to pedestrians, since sidewalks are often narrow along the road.

You can see the full details about the proposal and Wednesday night’s open house on the town’s website.

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