Proposed Island rail transportation plan resurrected

Maintaining that rail on Vancouver Island is not dead, the Island Corridor Foundation is planning a detailed condition assessment of all track and bridges on the E&N Rail corridor.

Larry Stevenson, ICF CEO says the province is on board with the idea and the ICF is meeting Thursday to hammer out details

"We're going to start the process of doing an assessment on the track and bridges.  We'll actually talk Thursday about when that first meeting is going to take place--and it's going to take place very quickly because we have a bit of a time issue here that we are dealing with.  So, I was very  pleased.  That call came yesterday."

The ICF, a partnership between First Nations and local governments along the E&N, aims to preserve the corridor and rebuild rail service along it.

The corridor runs 225 kilometres from Victoria to Courtenay, with an extension between Parksville and Port Alberni.

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