Protesters calls for protection of BC's disappearing old growth forests

Protesters converged on the offices of several NDP and Green MLAs today to raise the alarm over BC's disappearing old growth forests.

The Sierra Club organized the event to call for action -- and focus attention on the urgent need for action.

Torrance Coste  is a campaigner with the Wilderness Committee  -- he says the NDP government -- has been disappointing:

"Unfornatunately, despite promising to do better when it comes to managing old growth forests, the BC NDP government has yet to make any meaningful changes from the past management of forests -- or mismanagement of old growth forests. So, it's frustrating that we still have to be out here protesting again and again, but  Premier John Horgan and Forests Minister Doug Donaldson have show us that's what it's going to take."

Randy Cook hails from northern tip of Vancouver Island where he says extreme logging is impacting his fellow Indigenous people:

" We've had our titled removed and we're having a lot of our land stripped away beneath us when we're trying to move back to it. So we're trying to focus  on getting our youth back onto our traditional lands, and our territories, but we're struggling with the government right now and industry that are excessively, pretty much just tearing it apart right now through logging or fish farms."

Protesters targeted the offices of Premier John Horgan, Finance Minister Carole James, Education Minister Rob Fleming, as well as Green MLAs.

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