Province to crack down on irresponsible animal breeders

Legislation has been introduced by the BC government to crack down on irresponsible animal breeders.

Proposed amendments to BC's Prevention to Cruelty of Animals Act were introduced by Agriculture Minister Norm Letnick to enable the Province to regulate commercial dog and cat breeders through either registration or licensing.

Breeders found to be engaging in irresponsible practices may be subject to administrative actions, including having their license or registration suspended or cancelled.

BC SPCA CEO Craig Daniell says the latest action by government is a welcome move.

"The recognition by the government in proclaiming Animal Abuse Prevention Day shows the importance of animals in our lives and the importance of taking animal cruelty seriously."

It's expected an external agency, designated by future regulation, will administer the system and that the agency's inspectors will be responsible for inspecting and enforcing relevant standards of care.

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