Public input to be sought on Malahat interval speed cameras

Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth has met with representatives of the CRD's Traffic Safety Commission about their desire to have interval speed cameras installed on a troublesome section of the Malahat.

Chair Colin Plant says the Farnworth wants to hear from residents of the Capital and Cowichan Valley Regional Districts on the matter.  So the commission is creating a campaign encouraging people to share their thoughts by the end of the year:

" And the commission is very keen to help facilitate the public giving their input to the minister because we have heard probably 2 to 1 people suggesting that they thought it was a good idea to try as a pilot study on this road." 

Plant says he has great faith that the majority of the public will support interval cameras because there is a mutual interest in cutting down on speed-related collisions that shut the Malahat down between Cowichan and Greater Victoria.


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