Public survey finds strong support for Malahat point-to-point speed cameras

The public consultation period on point-to-point cameras for the Malahat has wrapped up, and a majority were in  favour.

Also called interval cameras, the technology calculates a driver's speed between 2 points, resulting in speeding tickets for those in violation.

CRD Traffic Safety Commission chair Colin Plant says the idea of trying the cameras on the Malahat was first floated a year ago, with the Province asking the commission to conduct a public survey.

Plant says the results show strong support:

"  And we have now heard that there were over 14-hundred responses, and 70% were in favour. 3% were neutral, and 27% were opposed. That number is a very high number. We were not expecting it to be that high as a commission. And we are very optimistic now that this number has been released that the province has  a mandate to do this."

Plant says the commission wasn't expecting such a high number in favour, and they are optimistic it gives the province the mandate to launch a pilot project on the Malahat.

Plant says the CRD and the Cowichan Valley Regional District want to see the Malahat made safer, and believe point-to-point cameras are a way to do that.

He adds even the Union of BC Municipalities wants the Province to try the technology -- passing a resolution in September calling for a pilot on either the Malahat, Sea-To-Sky, or Coquihalla Highways.



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