Raincoast Conservation Foundation applauds move to ban trophy hunting of BC grizzlies

The executive director of the Raincoast Conservation Foundation is relieved that it is now illegal to trophy hunt grizzly bears in British Columbia.

The new regulations regarding the large carnivores came into effect Sunday April 1st.

Chris Genovali says he would also like to see the wording strengthened around the definition of 'hunting for food', because he doesn't believe grizzlies -- like wolves and cougars -- are hunted for meat.

Chris also thinks the fine is too soft against taxidermists or tanners who don't submit reports within 10 days of receiving bear parts.

"The fine is only 230 dollars if you don't report it. If you don't pick up your dog poo in the CRD, the fine is 250 dollars."

The Raincoast Conservation Foundation hopes the no trophy hunting ban on grizzlies will signal a new era on how the BC government and residents interact and relate to all large carnivores.

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