RCMP blood spatter expert's testimony continues at Andrew Berry trial


An RCMP blood spatter expert continues her testimony today at the trial of Andrew Berry, who's charged with murdering his two young daughters in his Oak Bay apartment in 2017.

Once again we warn that this trial, and resulting stories, contain graphic and disturbing information.

Using the types of blood patterns left throughout Berry's Beach Drive apartment, Sgt. Kimberley Tremblay has determined someone who was heavily contaminated with blood was moving through the rooms, leaving evidence on walls, floors, cupboards and appliances.

Tremblay described blood drips, smears, and spatter in the bathroom where an area was left that is consistent with an adult torso. 

In the hallway, between the bathroom and front door, bloody handprints swiped the wall. There was no blood on the door handle.

From evidence left in both bedrooms the sergeant concludes someone who was actively bleeding sat on both beds for a period of time.  

She took a DNA sample from blood drips she believes came from the suspect.  

The Crown contends Berry killed his daughters then tried to kill himself. The Defence is arguing someone else committed the murders, but got away. He has pleaded not guilty.


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