Recent wind storm pegged the most damaging storm in BC Hydro history.

BC Hydro says the massive winter storm that plagued the South Coast December 20th was the most damaging storm in BC Hydro’s history.

The report titled “Storm report: The most damaging storm in BC Hydro’s history” claims the storm impacted more customers, caused more damage and required the largest mobilization of resources than any previous storm.

It shows more than 750,000 customers were without power, making it larger than the August 2015 windstorm that affected the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, and larger than the 2006 windstorm that hit Vancouver Island and devastated Stanley Park. 

The utility corporation says it will be tallying the cost of the storm in the coming weeks and says there is room for improvement in the future.  It states, some customers encountered challenges when trying to report downed lines because 9-1-1 operators in certain areas were overwhelmed with calls, while others expressed frustration when they could not find the status of their outage. 

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