Recycle BC Plastic Packaging Project

Bubblewrap now has somewhere green to go - once you're finished popping it.

Recycle BC has launched a new project to help curb certain plastic wrappers from ending up in the trash.

116 depots across the province are now accepting certain plastics.

Examples of materials that are accepted are: zipper lock pouches for frozen foods or fresh produce, potato chips bags, cellophane for flowers, cheese slice wrappers and net bags for avocados, onions, and fruit.

Plastic shipping envelopes, plastic air packets and bubble wrap will also be accepted.

Materials that are still not accepted include plastic squeeze tubes (like toothpaste) and plastic 6-pack rings on bottled beverages.

The Hartland Recycling Depot is the nearest drop-off depot in the CRD.

The project will determine how best to recycle materials in this category, one of the largest areas of packaging not collected under the home recycling program.

The program expansion is being rolled out in three phases, with phase 2 slated for September 1st, phase 3 in January 2019.

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