Regina Park campers may be looking for new site

Although campers at tent city have been court-ordered to move themselves and their belongings out of Regina Park, there is rumbling they may be moving to another location.

A spokesman for the park residents says those taking up residence over the past few months will be moving their belongings as quickly as possible to comply with the judges orders.  Some tents and other items may be put into storage, but Charles Walkus says there is a plan in place to move elsewhere.

"All in a group in one spot and all showing up at once.  But with everything ready to go and put up and ready there and ready to go.  We are all going to one spot and have about 80 or one hundred of us.

Walkus wouldn't say where the next tent city location may be.

A judge ordered campers must clear out by Tuesday between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. 

The injunction prevents camping during daylight hours.

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