Regina Park tent city resulted in 68.5% increase in police calls

Saanich Police confirm while the decampment process at Regina Park went fairly smoothly, there were 2 incidents requiring police action.

A camper was arrested when he became aggressive and extremely confrontational with others on the site -- he was allowed to return for his belongings a few hours later after he calmed down.

In the second incident an occupant was arrested for openly carrying a weapon -- a collapsible baton.

Police have also released details about the number of calls they responded to during the 4 1/2 months the homeless camp was at Regina Park.

Compared to the same period last year calls jumped by 68.5% -- or from 650 to 1,095 calls.

The largest increase in criminal activity involved property crime,and offences against persons -- like assaults and threats. Police also tweeted they recovered a stolen scooter at the camp Thursday.

The financial costs of policing the Regina Park encampment and surrounding area have not yet been tallied, but Saanich police say thousands of staff hours were spent directly dealing with the encampment.

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