Removal of Cadboro Bay's derelict boats starts today

The process of removing derelict boats that litter Cadboro Bay Beach begins Friday.

"We're getting started at 9 o'clock at Gyro Park. Ralmax is donating the bins. The excavator is being unloaded. Staff from Oak Bay will be there," says Veins of Life Watershed Society founder John Roe. Volunteers from several different groups will start by cutting up a steel hulled boat. But several other boats are slated to be removed.

"We're dragging them off one part of the beach and taking them over the Gryo Park and then we're having Oak Bay and their contractor with their excavator put them in the bins," says Roe.

Even though it's a volunteer effort there's a cost for disposal, which is being paid by grants: $10,000 from the province, $4,000 from the CRD and $4,000 from Oak Bay.

The Veins of Life Watershed Society says they took ownership of the vessels through the Registrar of Wreck, allowing them to deal with the problem.

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