Rescue dog injures four people

West Shore RCMP say a dog attacked and injured several people at a house party in Colwood around 12:30 am on Saturday.

RCMP say 13 people, including adults and children, had barricaded themselves inside the home in the 3000 block of Pickford Rd. RCMP initialy described the dog as a pitbull weighing an estimated 140 lbs. Animal Control has since corrected the size estimate, placing it closer to 100 lbs.

The dog's owner managed to secure the dog inside a bedroom, but sustained injuries, including bite wounds. A Capital Regional Animal Control Officer helped police safely removed the dog.

RCMP say that the dog became aggressive when it was bumped by two intoxicated men wresting.

The injured were taken to hospital for treatment and police say one injured and heavily intoxicated man was arrested after taking off his shirt and trying to fight with officers. The Ministry of Children and Families were also contacted to review the safety of the children, who were unharmed during the attack. 

RCMP said in statement that the 4-year-old pitbull, which was adopted last summer, will undergo an assessment.

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