Residents in Metchosin vote in favour of historic land swap deal involving First Nation and Langford


Residents in Metchosin are supporting a complicated three-way land swap deal involving Langford and the Beecher Bay First Nation.

Preliminary results from a referendum held by the District on Saturday show a nearly 76 per cent vote in favour of the land change.

Metchosin will transfer approximately 354 acres of private land to Langford in exchange for 250 acres of crown land from the Beecher Bay First Nation.

This is land offered to the First Nation as part of a treaty agreement and is to become a protected green space buffer for Metchosin.

A key part of the deal allows Metchosin access to sewer services not currently available to the District while maintaining a resolve to keep its rural status.

In exchange, the First Nation would receive ownership in a proposed Langford business park on land that would see joint taxation among the three parties.

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