Results of BC teen health survey released

A popular survey gauging the interests and concerns of BC teens is out with its latest findings.

Results from the McCreary Centre Society survey show students in grades 7-12 are doing just fine, but there are some concerning areas.

38,000 students in 58 of the province's 60 school districts were asked to answer the latest comprehensive health survey--the latest taken in 2013.

The percentages who had tried alcohol, marijuana, or ever had sex were unchanged.  There was a decrease in the numbers of teens engaged in binge drinking, those attempting suicide or engaged in sexting.

McCreary's Executive Director Annie Smith says the survey results confirm BC teens are generally less likely to engage in extracurricular activities such as sports and volunteering than five years ago.  The survey confirms many more are struggling with their mental health and sleep. 

However, the survey found an increase in the percentage of youth who felt connected to their community and had an adult in their community, or at school who cared about them.

Results of the 2018 BC Adolescent Health Survey can be found at:

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