Roaming tent city moves to Oak Bay

Oak Bay is the latest location for a roaming protest camp.

About a dozen tents have popped up behind the Oak Bay Municipal Hall. It's the same camp that's shown up at other locations around Greater Victoria in an attempt to bring attention to homelessness.

"We want to make sure that people have the right to express themselves. As long as they're doing it peacefully we're going to be very respectful as well," said Deputy chief of Oak Bay Police Ray Bernoties. He says organizers have promised to leave next Tuesday and police won't interfere unless they have to, "We're certainly paying a lot of attention to it and monitoring it closely to make sure there's not violence or property crime or any other thing changing that could make us re-evaluate our response."

The mini-tent city recently moved from its temporary location near the Hampton Park playing fields in Saanich.


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