Rob Duncan Asks Voters to Support Another Candidate

Although his name will still be on the ballot, Rob Duncan is withdrawing from the Victoria Mayoral race.

He says he won't be able to win, and doesn't want to split the vote.

Duncan says instead of ticking his name on the ballot, to choose someone who has a similar platform, Michael Geoghegan.

"Mike Geoghegan's platform is actually really remarkably similar to mine, especially on the housing platform. Really point for point on a lot of things on the housing platform.  And Mike has also agreed to adopt my child care platform... I mean that's critically important. Most families pay more for childcare than they pay for any other household expense except housing."

Duncan says he and Geoghegan also share similar outlooks towards tent cities, and showing compassion to the homeless.

Duncan says he chose to stay in the race, but has decided that since he feels he can't win, and he doesn't want the vote to be split so Lisa Helps gets re-elected, that he should lend his support to Geoghegan.

Although he says he's withdrawing, it's not official, as he has missed the date to drop out.  His name will still be on the ballot but he asks that voters ignore it, and instead tick the box for Geoghegan.

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