Roller derby season opener coming to Esquimalt's Archie Browning Arena

This weekend you will be treated to the thrills and spills of roller derby, for the season opener of Eves of Destruction Roller Derby League.

It all happens Saturday night beginning at 5 o'clock at the Archie Browning Arena in Esquimalt.

It's high energy, explosive fun for the whole family, and according to one of the players, some pretty fancy skating by the derby girls.

"Kreeper Sutherland" whose been skating with Victoria's Belles of the Brawl for two seasons, says there are so many great things about roller derby.

"Rolling around on skates --I can't really compare it to any other sport that I've done.  I used to dance competitively, I snowboard, I ski. I've done cycling and all that kind of stuff, but honestly, rolling around on a pair of roller skates is one of the greatest feeling."

Local derby teams skate under the banner of the Eves of Destruction Roller Derby League.


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