Saanich Council seeking information on possibily hosting a casino

Victoria Council has said they aren't interested in a casino -- but Saanich may be.

Councillor Susan Brice motioned for staff to update a 2016 report , and bring it back for council to consider.

Councillor Ned Taylor seconded the motion, but cautions against concluding Saanich is actively pursuing a casino. He says it's just a request for information:

" In general I'm not 100% sure about a casino. You know I think it could bring a number of negative impacts, perhaps it could bring, you know,  a number of positive impacts. So right now I'm not 100% sure whether or not there should be a casino in Saanich, but I voted in support of that motion because really it's just asking for more information."

Taylor says one positive may be added tax dollars that could offset tax increases for citizens.

In October 2015 the council of the day sent an expression of interest to BC Lottery Corporation indicating they would like to be considered as a potential local host government of a gaming facility.

The Lotto Corp preferred Victoria for a second casino in the region, but Victoria Council has since said it's no longer interested.


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