Saanich doctor pleads guilty to bathroom recording

A Saanich doctor has pleaded guilty to one count of secretly observing or recording nudity in a private place. In this case, the private place was the washroom at his practice.

In an agreed statement of facts read at the Victoria courthouse Thursday, prosecutors said Dr. Mark David Thiessen set up a cell phone in a bathroom at his Saanich clinic in August of 2015.

After one female staff member used the washroom, another employee found the cell phone. They recognized that it belonged to the doctor so they brought it to him.

The court heard Thiessen apologized and, later that day, he went to a motel room and tried to take his own life

Investigators never found any questionable photos or videos on the phone. But there was a video that showed  Dr. Thiessen initially setting it up in the stall.

The Crown is asking for a suspended sentence including 12 months of probation and counseling. The next court date is January 10.

The future of Dr. Thiessen's practice is unknown but he was scheduled to be at the clinic on the same day as his court date today (Thursday January 5).

(With files from CTV Vancouver Island)

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