Saanich has leased BC Hydro land to build a bike skills park

Saanich has acquired some land from BC Hydro to build a bike skills park, and maybe more.

The District will lease an acre of land at George Tripp Substation, between Borden Street and Lochside Drive.

Saanich councillor, and chair of the parks trails recreation advisory committee, Ned Taylor, says the primary focus of the land will be a bike park, but other recreation activities could also be installed.

"The main focus is a bike skills park, but also parkour, skate, rope course, zipline and bouldering, those are all things that our Parks Department is looking at as they make designs for this new park."

Taylor says the deal for the land is almost to good to be true, only $1 a year, and $1 to renew the lease every five years.

He adds this would be the first designated and maintained bike park in Saanich, which is clearly needed.

"We've been seeing parks in Saanich where people are building their own bike jumps and carving out their own trails.  And that can be damaging to our natural environment in some parks with more sensitive natural environments.  And then of course there can be debate in our community for which parks can be used for what thing, some people prefer for some trails to be designated for walking, and that sort of thing."

Taylor says having more recreational facilities for biking is clearly needed, and he's happy to have an official, designated, and properly maintained park for bikers.

He adds the George Tripp Substation, right off Lochside Trail, and in the urban area of Quadra and McKenzie, is the perfect central location for a bike skills park, as well as other possible recreational facilities.

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