Saanich PD investigating road rage incident between cyclist and driver


Saanich police are investigating a road rage incident caught on camera. 

The incident happened during the rush hour Tuesday near the intersection of Oldfield and Keating Cross Road. 

Police are trying to identify the man caught on tape kicking the side of Steve Bengal's Camaro.

Bengal was driving at the time when he says cyclist jumped off his bike and began kicking his vehicle and trying to punch him through the open window and trying to grab the cell phone.
Bengal says he crossed the centre line of the road to pass the cyclist and that’s when the man darted in front of the vehicle unexpectedly.
"He rolls up alongside drops his bike up against my car and he just goes off. Yelling profanity and kicking the crap out of my car, once he realizes I'm in my car recording and not saying a word to him he reaches inside my car to swing at me to try to hit me."

The video shows the cyclist jump off his bike and kick the car door while yelling expletives.

Saanich PD is asking the person in the video to come forward and turn himself in.

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