Salt Spring resident completes swim in the Salish Sea

One local marathon swimmer has wrapped up her swim while another sets her sights on a double crossing of Juan De Fuca Strait.

Victoria open-water swimmer Susan Simmons has set a new date for her double crossing of Juan De Fuca Strait after it was scrubbed last week because of high winds.  Simmons now plans to make the crossing — twice — on Aug. 18 or Aug. 19, weather permitting.

Meantime, Salt Spring Island resident Rama DelaRosa completed her staged swim around Salt Spring early Sunday night.

She used the swim to raise awareness about the decreasing numbers of resident southern killer whales in the Salish Sea.

"The fact is that resident orcas dwindling population is a symptom of an over-arching problem. which is the onset of eco system collapse with the keystone population of salmon being at such low numbers--the same species that so many different wildlife depend on as well as humans."

DelaRosa completed a similar swim last year and is the only person to do so. 

She is donating funds from her "Swim for the Salish Sea Orcas" to Georgia Strait Alliance's initiatives to protect orcas.

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