Salt Spring resident swims around Island for orcas

A Salt Spring woman hopes she will be swimming with the oras during a six-day, staged swim around Salt Spring Island.

Rama DelaRosa has begun her swim around the Island to raise awareness about the critical state of Southern Resident orcas. Last year, she made history as the first person to accomplish this open-water swim.

Marilyn Gille operates the support boat for Rama and tells us the swim is in increments.

"She tries to swim six or eight hours a day--she goes with the tide.  It's a six-day event and this is day two.  It'll end Sunday at Vesuvius Beach on Salt Spring where she started at about 6 o'clock she'll come out of the water onto the beach.

DelaRosa's first swim covered about 86 kilometres, and this year’s is expected to fall between 75 and 100 kilometres — depending on the route taken due to factors such as wind.

The swimmer is donating funds from her "Swim for the Salish Sea Orcas" to Georgia Strait Alliance's initiatives to protect orcas.


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