Scammers pretending to be Canada Revenue Agents resurfaces

Saanich Police are warning of an old scam making the rounds again. It's commonly called the "Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Scam".  It involves someone calling and pretending to be a CRA agent trying to collect money owed. The caller threatens court action or jail time if you don't pay immediately, and directs the victim to transfer Bitcoins or purchase iTunes gift cards in the amount they “owe”.

Acting Sgt Jereme Leslie says numerous complaints of the scam have been received in recent weeks. He says CRA will  never ask you to pay an outstanding debt in Bitcoin, iTunes cards or other gift cards.  If you actually owed money you would receive a registered letter, and they would never call and threaten you.

Leslie encourages you to speak with vulnerable family members who may fall victim to such tactics.

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