Second person pricked by discarded needle downtown

It's happened again.

 Another Victoria residents has been stuck with a discarded syringe.

It happened Tuesday night as a woman walked her dog in the 700-block Pembroke. When her pet began grabbing at a paper bag that was left beside a garnage can she swiped it away, and felt a stab on her hand. It turns out the bag contained several capped and uncapped syringes.  It's believed the woman was not seriously affected -- she was treated in hospital and has been released. Agaiun - whatever the syringe contained is unknown at this point.

VicPd are investigating but say there's no indication the bag was placed there with malicious intent.  On Monday a 3 year old was stuck with a needle left behind at the McDonald's in the 900-block of Pandora.

 Police are urging those who use needles to learn how to dispose of them safely.

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