Seven year old Lake Cowichan boy speaks out about his ordeal with a cougar

It's a story Zach Bromley will be telling his grandchildren when he gets older.  How he was playing in his Lake Cowichan yard in late March when he was mauled by a cougar as he was held to the ground.

The feisty seven-year-old, spoke for the first time about his scary ordeal March 29th.

He tells CTV Vancouver Island the big cat approached him in the corner of the yard, grabbing him and attacking his head.  Zach says he cried out for his Mom.

"She came out and saw the cougar, so she jumped onto the cougar and tried to pry its mouth open cuz it was on my head.  Then after she pried its mouth open, she smacked it kind of and it ran away."

The attack left Zach in serious condition, with gashes on his head, neck and arms.

There were two cougars in the area, believed to have been separated from their mother. Both have since been killed by the BC Conservation Service.

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