Shelbourne Memorial Tree project coming together

Many Victorians may not know this,  but back in 1921 Shelbourne Street became the very first "Road of Remembrance" in Canada. 

From Mt Doug Park to Cedar Hill Cross Road volunteers planted London Plane trees in memory of fallen World War One soldiers, and the route was officially dedicated by the Lt. Governor and Premier of the day.

However a section from Cedar Hill Cross Rd to North Dairy was never planted, inspiring the nickname "Street of unfinished dreams".  And in 1970 a third of the trees were removed as part of road widening.

But now the "Memorial Avenue Committee" has a plan to remedy things. Chair Ray Travers says a section that was never planted is scheduled to be widened as part of the Shelbourne Valley Action Plan, and Saanich Planning has already agreed to replace any trees to be cut down with London Plane Trees:

" And the whole idea is to have trees on both sides of the street and have the canopy coming together.  As we see now on South Shelbourne and North Shelbourne, because I think that provides the sense of dignity and respect that we'll know we're in a different, in a special place when we're driving that street."

The group also wants to change the name of Shelbourne St. to "Shelbourne Memorial",  and add historical markers along the route.

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