UPDATE: Signal changes at Hwy 1-McKenzie causing commute havoc

Good news. Changes are coming aimed at fixing the congestion problem that has cropped up this week on the Trans Canada between West Shore and the McKenzie interchange.

Problems began after a new signal configuration was activated Sunday at the intersection.  While the changes were aimed at improving traffic flow drivers immediately began complaining of increased congestion, and painfully long commutes to work and home.   

Many pointed to the signal lights and suspected they were getting less green light time than they used to get on the highway.  Ministry officials said that wasn't the case --  the only changes they made affected sequencing to control who goes first in some directions.

But after looking at the situation the ministry has now decided to add more green time for southbound Highway traffic starting with the morning commute.

As well traffic engineers are working with the contractor to see if traffic can still operate safely if they return the signals to the sequencing used at the old intersection.  

Drivers fumed on twitter platforms that traffic coming into town from the Westshore this week has been "insane," declaring "worse congestion than when there is an accident!"

Another said "Can we talk about how the temporary lights at McKenzie have turned the TC into a parking lot well into the morning??? For the love of Pete...please change it!!!"

And another posted a photo of an origami swan she made while waiting for traffic to move, with the hashtag zen.

The ministry says they recognize it's been a challenging week for drivers, and are thanking them for their patience.

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