Site C dam review begins today

Today marks the beginning of an independent review for Site C dam.  The new NDP government of John Horgan promised during the May election to send the $8.8-billion dollar project to the B.C. Utilities Commission to determine if it should continue, be paused or cancelled altogether.  Site C is the largest construction project ever undertaken in B.C. history.  

The BCUC is expected to produce a preliminary report by Sept. 20 with a final report by Nov. 1. They'll look at costs, the implications of continuing, pausing or stopping the project as well as other alternatives to providing energy needs.

Energy Minister Michelle Mungall says once the report is in the government's hands they will consider the BCUC's advice, in conjunction with other environmental and First Nations considerations, and make a final decision on the dam's future..

While the review is underway some 22-hundred people working at the site will stay on the job -- but during the 3 months it will take to do the review B.C. Hydro will not be allowed to tender any major contracts.




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