SOLID rally in support of more effective treatement for drug users

People who use drugs and their supporters are calling for the immediate opening of the Bridge Street injection site -- all part of a National Day of Action.

SOLID representatives held a news conference at the proposed injection site at 2920 Bridge Street this afternoon, followed by a rally outside the Ministry of Health.

Outreach Coordinator Jack Philips says to prevent more unnecessary deaths, Island Health must immediately open the Bridge Street site and fund them to run it.

Some CFAX callers complained they don't want their tax dollars supporting drug use -- and Philips had this to say:

 "You are already paying for that in policing costs, and prison costs, and that costs about $50,000 per year for each opiod addict that you would speak of. If you actually engaged in the kind of thing that we propsoe, you would cut that figure in half."

SOLID is also calling for increased access to opioid substitution treatments, and decriminalization of all drugs.

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