Sooke man who killed his mother during drug psychosis sentenced for manslaughter



After watching her cousin be sentenced to twelve years in prison for killing his own mother in Sooke, the niece of the victim says she hopes the case will serve as a warning about the dangers of crystal meth.

With time served, Michael McCormick has been ordered to spend another eight and a half years in prison.

McCormick was in a crystal meth induced psychosis in 2014 when be brutally beat and killed 64-year old Pamella Dyer, who the court heard was the only person who still supported her son due to his heavy drug addiction. The probable cause of death was found to be sustained pressure to the chest.

McCormick confessed during an interview with police, but said he couldn't recall details due to his drug psychosis. He later pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Pamella Dyer's niece Nicole Cardinal speaks for the family.

"I think that as long as he receives treatment for his drug addiction problem I think that we feel confident that he is not a risk to us or to anybody else. But I think as a family we feel that is very much contingent on him receiving the support for his drug addiction."

Cardinal says the family is considering contacting McCormick while he's in custody.

"My mother is thinking about it. I think that it will take some time and a bit more healing. Certainly we're pleased that he's having some contact with his children. We hope that that will provide some motivation for him."

Cardinal says the family hasn't forgiven McCormick, but, given time, she expects they will.



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