Sooke school district to acquire lands to build new schools

With the continued population growth of districts on the West Shore, the Sooke School District has identified Colwood/Royal Bay, south Langford, Latoria, West Shore Parkway/West Hills and Bear Mountain as possible new school locations.

Last fall the school district announced it would consider buying land for up to four new schools in anticipation of increased enrollment.

Sooke School District Superintendent, Jim Cambridge says it's important to secure the land first.

"We're hoping that we will be putting four or five potential purchase agreements in front of government in the next few weeks and then if we are lucky, this spring we'll get some approvals to go ahead and purchase some land and if we get that, we'll be gathering that up and then in next year's capital plan, we'll be asking for money to start building some schools."

Cambridge says they are also in the process of hiring more teachers after the province announced $50-million in funding to hire of over 1,000 teachers province-wide.

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