Speed Cushions eyed for Ocean Boulevard

Colwood Council is cracking down on commuters who are bypassing the congestion on Metchosin road, by cutting through the Esquimalt Lagoon community .

On Monday night, council asked staff to craft a plan for speed cushions  on Ocean Boulevard, and the surrounding residential streets.

Colwood councillor Cynthia Day says this route is becoming a more and more popular detour but council’s obligation is to keep neighbourhoods safe.

“Pedestrians have been hit in the area; there have been close calls,” she says. “Residents are reporting that during peak rush hour times they can’t get out of their drive ways.”

Speed is also a problem, with vehicles travelling 10- to 40 kilometres over the limit in the area.

Day says the problem has been getting worse as the West Shore grows and develops.  “With the other routes becoming more congested, there is just more pressure to find alternatives.”

Speed cushions are like speed bumps, but they are bolted in to the road so can be moved or removed. Day says the community will be consulted once Colwood staff complete a draft traffic-calming plan.

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