Statue of John A. Macdonald removed from City Hall

The statue of Canada's first Prime Minister, John A Macdonald, was removed from the steps of City Hall at about 7am this morning. 

There were about 20-30 people who watched the crane gently lift the statue and place it on a truck bed. Although the view was obscured by fencing and a black drop sheet it did not stop people from peering in to get one last look at the statue. 

When the truck pulled away there was a loud cheer from those in support of removal of the statue. There were words exchanged by the two groups of people but even though tensions were high both groups remained peaceful, many were heard debating their points of view respectfully.

The crowds have largely left for now but a group called BC Proud has organized a protest in opposition of the removal of ther statue at 12:00pm today. 

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